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Location of the Campsite

Location of the Campsite

The various facilities, resources and activities available are managed and operated from a recently restored typical Andalusian farmhouse, and its’ adjoining stables and outhouses, dating from the S. XIX. The restoration has maintained the structure and special characteristics of the buildings, including the Bar and restaurant with its’ spectacular Andalusian patio, Olvera, itself, was a fortified village during the border wars and belonged to the Estate of the Dukes of Osuna. Surveying all from it’s highest point, lie the two most important historical treasures, The Archpriest Church of Our Lady of the Incarnation, a neoclassical building of the late 18th century, and the Moorish Castle, declared of iconic cultural interest in 1985.

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Ctra N-384, km 69

11690 OLVERA - CÁDIZ - Andalucía Spain

Teléfono. +34 956130033 Fax. +34 956130033




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